Day in Oxford

I cannot BELIEVE I’ve only been here a week! I feel so adjusted, and like I’ve crammed in quite a lot already. So so thankful for all the amazing things I’ve seen so far.

This post is actually out of order, because yesterday I went to London again- but I was just so excited about all I got to do today I couldn’t wait to show you. So this is from today, the 18th, and hopefully  I can stay on top of it and soon share from yesterday.

ALSO, I think these posts will slow down soon once I reach school and have classwork to do every day instead of sightseeing opportunities! I move in this Thursday, then have the international student Welcome Programme and I can’t wait.

Today was quite an early start, as Johnny was competing in a sprint triathlon (go Johnny!) at Westminster Lodge. After the race, we loaded up the family and drove off to Oxford, a little over an hour away. We got super lucky with the weather again, and it was warm and mostly sunny as we got onto a punt!

Punt boats
Punt boats

Punting is actually very difficult. Luckily, we had Will, the father, as an Oxford alumni who was very experienced and made it seem so easy. Basically, there is a giant pole that the person standing in the back uses to push off from the bottom of the river that propels the punt forward. The pole is long, wet, and heavy, and if pushed at an angle instead of parallel to the punt, will rotate the tail instead of pushing it forward. For me,though, just getting onto the punt was challenge enough.

I did, actually, try steering/punting/whatever you call it at one point! It was a very short experiment though when I ran the punt into the left bank three times in a row. I think my lack of upper body strength did not help my steering ability.

As you can see, I was not a natural, nor photogenic.

The whole experience was quite beautiful, though! The trees, bridges, and parks surrounding us were very peaceful and lovely.

Down the river
Down the river
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Wildlife !
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Gillian in the boat with the emergency paddle after we all climbed out and it almost floated away

After a picnic on the punt and a really lovely time, we walked into the town. Everything was so amazing there, too! The old architecture was just incredible and it was wild to imagine that people actually live and go to school there.

I don’t remember what this building was
Bridge of Sighs
Trying to be artsy
One of the chapels
Oriel College
The streets of Oxford
Christ Church
Christ Church great hall

Like, people actually wake up in the morning, and walk down to eat cereal and toast in this great hall. I hope they realize how lucky they are and amazing that is! We paid 7 pounds to get in!

Christ Church Cathedral

The Cathedral. Was. Exquisite. All the stained glass was just so detailed and beautiful.

Also, I learned that in England, places can only be considered “cities” if they have a cathedral. This cathedral on the campus is the one that makes Oxford actually a city.

Christ Church

We got an amazing tour, thanks to Will having been in Oriel College. Like I said, I can’t even imagine just being here for years and calling it your home. So amazing! What a great day!

For the Lord gives wisdom;
from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Proverbs 2:6


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