Day in York

Today, I spent an amazing day in the beautiful and historic city of York! It was an international student day trip, which provided a nice coach ride there and back. I was with Kelly and Henrietta, two other international students. We arrived at around 11am, but since catered halls provide brunch on the weekends instead of breakfast, we were starving- so we headed to a pancake house recommended by my friend in the halls who lives in York! She was our virtual tour guide today and gave us some great places to go.

This picture isn’t related to anything but we passed this street first thing upon arrival and I thought it was cool.

Portland Street!

On route to the cafe was the York Minster! We planned on going to see it anyway but really just ran into it on accident at that point. Even the fact that we just stumbled into it shows what York is like- there are so many beautiful and historical buildings scattered about town, it’s astonishing to imagine getting to live there. I feel I’ve said that about a lot of places, but every day here seems like a dream, or a weird fake life I’m getting to live, and I can’t imagine it being someone’s permanent life!

York Minster
York Minster
Photo taken by a sweet Dutch lady who spoke no English and didn’t know how to work an iPhone
York Minster and garden
Neat historical Roman column outside the Minster

I’m now wondering if Minster is actually supposed to be capitalized or not, but I’m just going to stick with it.

Around the back of the Minster was the Treasurer’s House, which I guess I could’ve read about the historical significance, but instead I just looked at it. It was very beautiful and had lovely gardens and a cafe!

Welcome to my MTV crib
Treasurer’s House
Treasurer’s House wall ft Henrietta
I don’t know why I thought this was funny

After the nice detour, we walked finally to the pancake house. It was Dutch, so it was really just a crepe house but apparently that’s what their pancakes are. Everything was AMAZING and it could’ve been because we were starved but also it was just pretty incredible. I had a Nutella pancake with toasted almonds, which they served with ICE CREAM. I also had a pot of Yorkshire English Breakfast tea, because, well I had to.

Pancake House (we sat in that upstairs window!)
Amazing pancake and tea
Kelly’s “ultimate hot chocolate”

Kelly’s hot chocolate was just too photogenic and delicious to not include a picture of as well.

We then walked through the Shambles, some of the most picturesque and narrow streets in Britain. I heard some of Harry Potter was filmed there too- all I could guess was Diagon Alley. There were great candy shops, toys, clothes, and food; it was quite cute and nice!! Such a great place to wander and get lost.

The Shambles (I think? Or just a cute street?)
Cute little alleyway
The Shambles
One of the yummy chocolate shops

Then, we walked to the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens. As usual, everything was so beautiful and interesting! (I really feel like I need some new adjectives when I write these things. It probably gets a little repetitive when I say literally everything is beautiful, interesting, cute, or amazing. I just truly think it is!)

Ruins in the Museum garden
Museum garden
Museum garden
Not sure what this was but it was near the museum

The city of York is almost completely surrounded by walls; they may no longer define the actual boundaries of the city, but they are the longest medieval town walls in Britain at 3.4 km total. We walked along a portion, which was really cool! It gave a great view of the city and it was so fascinating to see how ancient they were.

City walls
City walls
Peepin through the city walls
Kelly & I
Touristing it up
Me with the Minster in the background
I love autumn!
View from the city wall

On the other side of the wall segment we walked, there was a Dungeon Tour! This was super out of our element because it was sort of like a haunted house (which I HATE I literally cried in one last year so I never want to go to one again) but this was also cool because it was historical, informative, and funny! We couldn’t take pictures inside, but it was basically made up of tons of different rooms we walked between in our group. Each room moved through certain historical events like the plague, viking attacks, witch trials, Guy Fawkes, torture and execution, ect. I actually did learn a lot, didn’t scream the whole time (only jumped a few times quietly to myself), and enjoyed it! A fun experience of something I wouldn’t normally do that was informative as well.

The York Dungeon

After that, it was time to get food again and slowly make our way back to the coach. We saw Clifford’s Tower and the Castle Museum on the walk as well, and decided to get fish and chips for dinner (when in Britain!). The fish and chips were AMAZING and the best I’ve ever had. We walked back to the Minster, sat on the steps while eating, and revelled in our amazing day. There was a guy playing guitar nearby, the sun was getting lower, and we were eating delicious food in an amazing place! I felt really really lucky in that moment, for the day in York, and this whole experience in general. I’ve gotten to do some pretty incredible things, and I’m so so grateful.

Clifford’s Tower
Castle Museum
The greatest fish and chips ever
Eating in front of the Minster
The Minster by (almost) sunset

I slept on the bus ride home which was just the cherry on top of a great day (because I can never fall asleep on buses/ in public places). So thankful for the great food, weather, company, and city today!!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights.

James 1:17




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