Manchester & the Lumineers

Yesterday I had the chance to see another great English city- Manchester! What I think is pretty funny is I’m on the way to seeing all of my friends’ hometowns. I have friends from London, York, Manchester, Sheffield (where I already have plans to be in a month), and Edinburgh (where I REALLY want to go soon so I’m hoping to make it happen). That doesn’t cover all of them, but for the places I’ve been and all the places they could be from, I think it’s pretty ironic.

Kelly and I took a bus to the Nottingham train station, and then a train to Manchester. I know some people travel by train in the US, but it’s definitely less common than here, so I was excited that it was my first proper train ride in England! Kelly and I were very proud of figuring out where to go and what to do, as well, since all of this stuff is so new to us. It is pretty intuitive so it really would’ve been bad if we couldn’t figure it out, but even so, we were still proud. The Nottingham train station was actually pretty nice, as well!

Nottingham train station
Nottingham train station

We arrived in Manchester, and went first to lunch in a cute little cafe called Chez. I ordered a mocha, which I’ve been told we say wrong (really it’s the Brits that say it wrong though). They pronounce it moh-cah while we say moe-cah. The waitress thought it was pretty funny.

Anyway, we walked around in the city after lunch, and it is a pretty cool place. It’s a proper city, with tall commercial city buildings, not just a little town like York. It was still distinctively British, though, because there were lots of great old buildings and brick everywhere.

Another polaroid to add to the collection
The city library
Nice sky & cool buildings
Oxford Road clock tower

We went to the Manchester Museum next; it was part of the University of Manchester campus, which was cool to see as well. I guess it might not have been a campus technically, because it’s just in the city and the buildings are sort of interwoven through others. I really enjoyed the museum! It wasn’t too big so we weren’t bored, but it had interesting exhibits and a lot of variety. And the building itself was really cool, as well.

University of Manchester building
Manchester Museum
Cool windows in the building
Bad snapchat quality T-Rex named Stan (not my name. The museum did this.)
#dinoselfie Here ya go, @McrMuseum
Part of the rocks and minerals exhibit
Part of the meteorites exhibit, with rocks and minerals below
Vivarium exhibit

This one was pretty cool for a museum- it felt like a nice change to old and dead things! There were lots of different frogs, lizards, ect. Some of the frogs were SO tiny and it was actually pretty hard to find a lot of them in the exhibits. These frogs are called Golden Poison-dart Frogs- the poison of just one of these frogs could kill 10 humans!

This was either part of Nature’s Library or Nature Discovery. I don’t remember.

By the way, sorry for all the glare in the photos! Obviously everything is through glass.

Cool room of art

This art was actually really neat- it had special (3D?) glasses that you put on to look at each picture. Every picture had two of everything, and looked great as they were, but then when you adjusted the glasses it became 3D!

Living Worlds exhibit; 1000 paper cranes

I remember reading a book about the 1000 paper cranes. It was actually referenced by this exhibit as well. The story was about a girl who got sick from the Hiroshima bomb, and made 1000 paper cranes along with others’ help as part of an ancient Japanese legend that the gods would grant one wish at completion; for her, to be healthy. You can sort of see in the bottom left there is a box that has a piece of metal and glass that was fused together by the bomb.

Living Worlds exhibit hall
Cool butterfly art mobile thing
Mummy in the Ancient Worlds exhibit

It was pretty weird stumbling upon this one!! This is the mummy and coffin of Asru, a temple chantress from 747-525 BC. So so so crazy.

Some historical Roman artifacts that I really just don’t know the significance of
Maude the Tigon

This tigon, mix between a tiger and lion (NO Eli not a liger whatever you may believe) lived in the Belle Vue Zoo, in Manchester, until 1949 when she died. She apparently is the first tigon to go on display in a UK museum in around 100 years!

Elephant skeleton

I didn’t really realize I took that many pictures at the museum, but I guess I really liked it! The whole feel of the museum was cool too. Upstairs, there were actually study rooms and tables, just for fun! There were crayons and papers for kids, and some cute little displays of kids who love the museum. There were also bookshelves and benches with books in them for adults and children that I know my family would’ve just loved had we been there when we were younger.

Study and craft areas
Benches with books in them

Lastly for the museum, we went to the shop. These are seriously my favorite parts of some museums. I’ve been to several museum shops without going in the actual museum. They often just have really great stuff about the city, about the exhibits, postcards, or just fun and interesting things you wouldn’t find elsewhere! I actually did buy myself a mug and some postcards from there.

For the rest of the evening, Kelly and I walked around more, ate at Nando’s, a really yummy chain restaurant that is all about chicken, and ate some ice cream. I think I’ve had ice cream in literally every city I’ve been in. I decided that’s a new task for all my future travels as well.

The real attraction that brought us to Manchester at all was a concert by the Lumineers! I love love love the Lumineers, and actually already saw them in Portland earlier this year with Eli. It was really amazing to see them again, though- we were in the O2 Apollo Arena, and had general admission standing stall tickets that ended up being so great! We were quite close, and the show was really amazing. There was even confetti! I’ve never been to a concert with confetti before!

O2 Apollo Arena
Kelly and I waiting for the show to start!
The Lumineers!!!
The Lumineers pt 2
Great tamborine action shot here
Piano interlude (look up “Patience” by the Lumineers)

It was a super great night!!! After the show, we walked to the coach station, and had to get our unfortunate ride home… We waited an hour, then the coach left for Leeds, where we had an hour layover.

Made the most of being in Leeds at 1:30am

We walked around the bus station in the freezing cold and got mozzarella sticks. Then, we took another coach to Nottingham, then made our way back to campus. I think I finally got in bed by 5:00 am (and was unluckily woken up by the fire alarm this morning)… BUT it was all worth it! For an AMAZING concert and a fun day in a new city, I’d ride an all night coach any day. Well maybe not any day, like, more than once a week because I need my sleep, but I would definitely do it again.

Something super crazy I realized while writing this is that I will be home in exactly two months. Only two more months! Before I left, two months sounded like an incredibly long period of time but now, I know it will fly by. It’s so weird to imagine what home will be like after this, especially since I call so many places “home”- Wilsonville, Corvallis, and now, Nottingham. So much can change so quickly.

Also: I maybe should have said this a long time ago, but I don’t really proofread these posts after I write them. After living it, telling people in my hall about it, telling people at home about it, and writing it, I don’t really need another time. Also I’m a little bit lazy. So if there are mistakes, so sorry, and feel free to tell me (because I always call other people out on that stuff).

But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.

Micah 7:7


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