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Not to be really cheesy, but this post is going to be mostly just a list of things I’m thankful for. Maybe it’s because November has hit, and I’m going to miss my family’s traditional thanksgiving day tacos; maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with autumn and can’t help but celebrate how amazing the trees look; but mostly I just feel really, really lucky for all my time here in Nottingham. (And I haven’t done a blog post in a while.)

1. Like I said before, I’m thankful for autumn! I think it’s the prettiest time of year. I was originally really sad to miss fall at OSU, because the trees everywhere and leaves falling are so wonderful there, but Nottingham’s campus is also an autumn-lover’s heaven. img_7543img_7537img_7533img_7531img_75242. This may sound similar, because it’s still nature-y, but I’m also thankful for the sky and weather here. It’s been so sunny and pleasant outside, and I’ve been expecting loads of rain, so what a great surprise! Also, I can see the sunset out my dorm window which is perfect for me.img_7514img_7499img_7359

3. Although a lot of us have been sick lately, I am very thankful for health. After this summer’s difficulty with my knee, I love being able to hike, run, exercise, and do anything I want to without hesitation.

4. On that note, I’m also thankful for the amazing gym here! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I also have been going to lots of classes there that are really fun. I’ve done yoga, HIIT, and body balance so far. I’ve found yoga before lectures can be really nice and relaxing.

5. I’m SO thankful for all the friends I’ve made here. While I haven’t done anything particularly exciting this last week, we’ve still had lots of fun. For example:

Everyone here dresses as something scary, or something normal turned scary. Not super into that but you know, gotta adhere to conformity (not really but for halloween I did).

Halloween #1

We dressed up two nights in a row… my Captain America costume was actually the one I was planning, because I thought it would be funny, even though execution wasn’t really superb. The other night, though, I threw together an hour before, and I honestly thought it was better!

The blue dress thing I’m wearing is actually one of Emily’s basketball jerseys. I just turned it backwards. It literally says “Yorkshire Basketball, EC” on my back.

Halloween #2

Jenson and I also went for a lovely walk to a nearby park from campus. Called Wollaton Park, there’s a golf course, a giant manor house used to film Batman, and deer literally everywhere. I have no clue why there are always deer, but there are. Apparently they’re just used to people now. It’s so strange but was cool to see! The house was really interesting as well… It’s actually a museum inside, the Nottingham Museum of Natural History (the UK sure loves their natural history they have museums everywhere), but is really beautiful from the outside and even has loads of gardens to explore. We didn’t though because we were tired.

Wayne Manor
Wayne Manor
Cool ceiling inside Wayne Manor (I don’t know what the real building is called)
Wollaton park
Wollaton park
Wollaton park

Also, my lovely friends took me to my first pub lunch! It really wasn’t for me at all though. It was two of their birthdays that we were celebrating. Either way, though, we went to a pub and I even had fish and chips, to keep it really British.

Anyway- I’m thankful for my friends because they like walking, exploring, eating yummy food, showing me new things, and having fun. I’m going to miss them dearly when it comes time to leave.

6. I’m also really thankful for all my friends and family at home! I love hearing about how everyone is doing there. It does make me excited to come home, too, knowing I have such wonderful people to come home to and such a great place I get to live.

7. I’m thankful for the resources I have to not only come to Nottingham at all, but to make the most out of it. I’ve loved traveling around England and have some really exciting travel plans the next couple weeks, as well, which I’m very fortunate to be able to afford. Although I will for sure have to be frugal when I get back to school, I’m thankful I don’t have to say no or regret not being able to do something fun.

8. I’m really thankful for the active Christian community at Nottingham. The Christian Union here is massive, and very involved in hall life particularly. There are two leaders in my hall that lead weekly bible study with a small group of us, a big weekly gathering on campus for worship and a message, events throughout the term, and so many great options for churches. For me, it would’ve honestly been harder to not be involved because of how welcoming and helpful the CU has been.

9. I’m thankful for technology- it may sound silly, but being able to text, facetime, facebook message, whatsapp ect has made staying connected to people from home so convenient. Hearing someone’s voice is so much better than just texting, even. (Although, I do still love getting letters too!)

10. I’m thankful for my mom!! Being able to contact her any time of day or night has been such a blessing. From talking through a bad day, to being comforted while I was sick, to getting travel advice, to planning our trip together in December (eek!), she makes 5,000 miles seem not so far away.

Anyway, not sure how interesting this stuff was to read or how much content there really was, but like I said, I figured I hadn’t done a post in a while so might as well share what I’ve been feeling.  I am just so thankful for every part of this experience, really, and feel truly blessed to be here. I know I probably say things are “crazy” a lot, but it’s pretty darn crazy to me that I only have a little over a month left in this beautiful place.

You are my God, and I will praise you;
you are my God, and I will exalt you.
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

Psalm 118:28-29


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