I went on probably my favorite hike so far this last Sunday! Although it was FREEZING cold and even rained, it was a really amazing location and felt like a real adventure. Henrietta and I were talked into signing up for HIKE 5!!! which we were scared about at first but turned out to be the best choice ever. We both (being super competitive) didn’t like to think we couldn’t do the hardest possible hike, even if maybe we actually couldn’t. I think as far as the different days go, this one had the least difference between levels so it was one of the tamer level 5’s; however, it was still 18.7 km and we were ahead of schedule from walking so fast, so our group added two more hills in to climb. Either way, though, we survived hike 5.

We were in a group of I think 8-10, which was a great size for this level so we could go pretty fast. This hike started out basically like the last one, with lots of grassy fields and sheep and adorable little stone walls.

Sheffield road

Note that the sign post carved in stone spelt the name of its city wrong.

We didn’t stay in the grassy area for long, though, and started on a path up to Stanage Edge. At first, Henrietta and I were worried about having another really awful steep hike, but it turned out this was one of the only hills the whole time! It wasn’t even too bad. The whole hike from here on out was pretty muddy, though, and just kept getting colder as we got more exposed to the wind. Lots of the ground was even frozen!

Start of the path
View over Sheffield

This was one of the first views we had while climbing up to the Edge. Actually, I think it is but I could be wrong (all the pictures got jumbled up)… But even if this isn’t really the first view we had like I think it is, it’s still a nice one.

Climbing up to the edge
Loads of cool rocks
Henrietta & I

The views were AMAZING at the top. The Stanage Edge was the reason this was my favorite hike, and why hike 5 was so worthwhile. We just walked along the literal edge wrapping around Hathersage (a town in the Peak District), so could see for miles and miles. The landscape was so amazing, too- all these great climbing rocks everywhere, sheep scrambling around, and lush green fields below us. The part we were walking on once reaching the top was basically flat the whole time, which was really rewarding and helped us enjoy the view more. We had to jump around lots of mud and climb huge rocks, as well, which kept the actual walking part interesting too. The edge was to our right the whole time, and to our left, there was just this flat grassy marshland stretching out really far.

Stanage Edge

Notice the little people in the middle right of the rocks hiding from the wind and cold! They were so clever. I honestly thought after lunch that I had frostbite in my fingers. I had a bag of chips (crisps I guess I’m supposed to call them here) and I just kept crushing them in the bag because I couldn’t maneuver my fingers enough to pick one up.

This wasn’t even the worst of the mud
Stanage Edge

If you just keep following that cliff edge around, that was where we walked! It was the coolest!

Henrietta & I (all bundled up)
I ❤ hiking
View from the Edge
This was the moment I got worried the wind was going to blow me over the edge
Sheep on the Edge
Stanage Edge
View from the Edge

After walking along the Edge for a while, we waded through a huge marsh to our left and then headed down into a valley. When I say waded, I really mean that… all our feet were soaked by the end because it wasn’t mud, it was just straight dirty water we were walking through. Seriously don’t know how these sheep were just standing on top.

Sheep in the marsh

After descending from the edge, we started into the Burbage Rocks (I think? I’m reading the little map handout they gave us from the hike and it’s not super clear / I’m bad at reading maps). It was less windy down here, and the sun was starting to come out a little bit which wasn’t warm at all but looked nice.

Burbage Rocks path

You can see in this picture the two little bumps in the horizon… Those were two hills we decided to climb since we were so ahead of schedule. Hathersage, where the ending point pub was at, was on the other side, so instead of walking around, we walked up to the left one then up to the right one. We sort of ended up forging our own path to the first one, and while it doesn’t look steep from this picture, it ended up being straight up rock climbing in parts. It was good we didn’t have much climbing before or my legs wouldn’t have made it.

The last two summits

It was a really lovely view from the first hill and we probably would’ve been satisfied not going to the next one, but our leader told us it wasn’t very steep and would only add about 10 minutes.

The last summit up ahead

That was an absolute lie but it was worth it! It was really beautiful from here too and the sun made a nice appearance.

(Almost) sunset

Then, we started winding down the other side of that hill and towards Hathersage. At the bottom of the hill, we just walked on the edge of a road for a while, then finally reached the pub.

View of Hathersage starting descent

I took a picture of the pub, but in fact, we walked into the wrong one at first which was really awkward. It was a kind of posh place with nice music playing and plaid rugs that we walked all over with our muddy boots. We realized pretty quickly though that there were not 40 other hikers there like we expected, so we walked down the road a little farther to the real one. THEN they literally ran out of MILK so the person in front of me in line got the last hot chocolate!!!! That was bad news, and since we added the hills, I didn’t have time for fries/chips either. Kind of a bummer but honestly it was totally fine just standing inside a warm building and defrosting my fingers from the air.

This hike was probably my favorite, like I said, just because of how cool the edge was. I loved that kind of scenery and it felt like a very adventurous hike. I really think this level 5 hike was barely any harder than the two other level 3 hikes I did, but we were still proud that we finished it. Another great adventure!

(I already used this verse on my instagram photo but I’m reusing it because I think it’s great.)

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Habakkuk 2:14


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